Thursday, September 18, 2008

VOTE '08---T-shirts are here!

Well as previously mentioned before on this blog, the "Babies, Guns, and Jesus" T-shirts are here and I am thrilled at how cute they turned out the fabulous Amii @ trendy expressions designed them! If you want one contact us at All Proceeds going to the canidate who would wear this T-shirt:)


Phone #:

# of T-Shirts:

T-Shirt Size:

Method of Payment: Visa MC Check



Code on Back of Card:

Amount to be paid:

Mailing Address:

T-Shirts are $25 per shirt. This includes shipping.


Kelli said...

lerv it! gonna get me one (err...20). :)

Lora said...

Brandi-the man in my life wants 3 of these shirts. A large and 2 mediums (DO YOU THINK I NEED A M?) Anyway-call me and I will give you the charge facts or BC will bring you a check.

stacie wilkins said...

oh my gosh Brandi, I totally want one....quite a statement for a Washingtonian, huh? I love it!